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If you're ready to step into the full sensual, and embodied being that you are, then here are all the ways I'd love to support you along that journey. 

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally stepped into the most expressed version of yourself.

The very first thing I did when I decided I was ready to make some serious changes in my life was I hired a coach. I knew that I wanted support, guidance, and community along the way, and I'm SO glad I made that investment in myself. A great coach points out your blind spots, and lovingly supports you into becoming the next version of yourself . They guide you to all the amazing answers you already possess within you. All you have to do is take that first step, and say YES to the calling for more.

Your options

1) my women's community

This is a great first step! This is my women's only community where you can learn about intimacy, discover what turns you on, build friendships, & be celebrated along the way.

2) Retreats

If you want my highest level of support for your intimacy then this is it. This is a 3-month+ container for you, or you and your partner. Together we will build a love life beyond your wildest dreams!

3) 1:1 Coaching

If you are someone who prefers in-person events, then I hope that you join the magic of one of my Unleashed Retreats. The next one will be held in Greece in May of 2023. 

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i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Three years ago, I was disconnected, lost and pleasureless.

I had walked away from a 10 year relationship, my home, and everything I knew previously. I had a blank canvas in front of me. At first, the vast amount of changes I wanted to make were suffocating. 

Bit by bit, I started to create the life I truly desired. I learned how to drop out of my head and into my body. I created a life that lit me up by following my heart, my intuition, and my p*ssy.

Now, it's your turn.


disconnected from your body

You find your mind spinning constantly whether it's at work, or during sex.  You may doubt yourself, and your relationships, getting stuck in over analyzing mode.

stuck in overwhelm & rigidity

When things aren't going your way in your relationships, and life, you find yourself working harder to control everything. You try to work and talk your way through problems.

NOT SURE HOW TO explore your sexuality

You intuitively know that there's so much more to be explored but you have no clue where to start. Your sex life has been pretty vanilla and you want to know what other amazing things your body can do.

The results


step into more pleasure than you ever knew was possible

learn how joy, desires and fun can be implemented in every part of your life

invite more freedom and openness in to your body

cultivate a deeper sense of confidence and self-love 

create a life and relationship that is authentic, sensual and magical

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- paige t.

“Bryn is a passionate, heart-led coach who has bravely transformed the quality of her own sex, love and relationships and she will inspire and provide hope and excitement to anyone who works with her! .”


alicia found pleasure & confidence

"She has driven me to dive deeper into myself and my sexuality."

Bryn helped guide me through ways of communicating with my partner. She helped me feel more comfortable and confident with self-pleasure. She taught me that I’m allowed to have my own desires and I’m capable of fulfilling these desires myself, or with a partner. We’ve scratched the surface together and now I’m itching to learn more.

sarah got clarity around her relationship

"I gained more confidence".

Bryn really helped me to validate what I felt was okay. I had a choice between feeling through the end of my marriage and starting a new venture. She really validated that taking time to feel would ultimately allow for creation and it allowed me to gain more confidence.

This could be you....

bry got in touch with herself & others

"There was so much gained on the other side of understanding myself"

Bryn's belief in my abilities was a huge benefit. Just having the support and accountability reminded me of my capabilities and that there is so much to be gained on the other side of understanding myself like connection and true fulfillment with others and myself.

“Working with her will transform your relationship with yourself and your partners. She is magic! ”

Bryn is incredibly approachable, knowledgeable, & easy to connect with. She encompasses you with support, love, and guidance. She makes you feel accepted, loved, and like you belong. Working with her will transform your relationship with yourself and your partners. She is magic! 

- gordana J.


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Not everyone is the right fit to work with me and that's okay!  That's why I love getting on a quick call. We can get to know each other better and if I can't support you, then I promise to make a recommendation for another coach, or resource that will best support you.

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- katie s.

“It Would be nice to have chats with her every month FOREVER!"

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In this download, I'll give you a few of my favorite playlists for you to use during your self-pleasure ritual

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