Are you ready to connect to your body & invite pleasure in?

You, my love, are designed to live a life that turns you on, and lights you up. It's time to step into the sensual and empowered woman that you're made to be!

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If you've lost that spark for your life, you're in the right place. 

I remember a time not that long ago where everything sort of felt grey. My relationships, my work, my life just fell flat. That was until I decided I was ready to take ownership for my life and my pleasure.

If you're here, I imagine you're seeking that magic, too. Deciding to know myself as a sexual and emotional woman has been one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself. It's never too late to have the self-love, sex, and relationships you've always wanted. 


I help women amplify their confidence, truly know their desires, and create a life that turns them on. Check out all the different ways we can accomplish that together.

What I do...

A few years ago I completely overhauled my life. I moved to a new city, quit my job,  left my marriage and decided to go all in on me.  Now, I know myself intimately on a sexual, sensual, emotional, and spiritual level. I’m falling more in love with myself every day, and I can't wait help you do the same!

And now my life’s work is to help every woman I connect with to do the same.

I help women amplify their confidence, truly know their desires, and create a life that turns them on and lights them up.

I’m Bryn and I’m here to help you take radica
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My Services

I guide women and their partners through 1:1 coaching, group programs, retreats and more. Learn how to connect with your body, your emotions, and your desires, both in AND out of the bedroom. 


Are you a woman who wants to...

- Finding yourself after a breakup
- Break codependent behaviors once and for all
- Discover what turns you on
- Create more safety in your body
- Learn how to express your emotions
- Have better communication with your partner
- Know yourself as sexual and sensual

If so, you're not alone! Check out all the different ways I can support you on your journey.


Success Stories


“Working with Bryn will transform your relationship with yourself and your partners. She is magic!

- Gordana J.


Ready SetBook.

Let's jump on a quick clarity call where we get to know each other and I can point you in the right direction.

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My top playlists for self-pleasure & embodiment

One of the trickiest parts of doing the work can be setting the mood! That's why I made a few playlists so you don't have to worry about it. Get the links to my curated playlists for embodiment and self-pleasure practices.